Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Rimsky Korsakov String Quartet

Graces The POPS in Dunsmuir!

Svitlana Smaga, (L.) joined the Rimsky Korsakov String Quartet for a piano quintet by Russian composer Nikolas Medtner.
The quartet played an encore composed by local musician, Marge Wheeler.

"Nothing less than a stellar balance of dynamics, technique and passion forced the crowd to it's feet, not once but three times, on Tuesday evening (March 10, 2015) at the POPS Performing arts and Cultural Center in Dunsmuir. The Rimsky Korsakov String Quartet eloquently delivered a classical concert that included the works of Tchaikovsky, Medtner and Shasta local composer, Marge Wheeler."

"The POPS Performing Arts and Cultural Center offered a sensual balance of intimate surroundings and aural acoustics with its 'open air gallery' decor and the antiquity of its brick walls embracing the rich, full and passionate sounds of 2 violins, a viola and a cello known as The Rimsky Korsakov String Quartet. The Quartet, based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, was formed in 1939 and is one of the most prominent Russian chamber music groups in the world."

Excerpt from an article for the Mt. Shasta Herald by:  Ananta Fiddle-Hooper
Photo credit: Marge Wheeler

to read the entire article.

Music by the Mountain wishes to thank everyone who played  a part in making this such a successful concert.
We especially thank Peter Arth and Victor Martin for their generosity in providing the 
venue for this performance.

A Note from Peter Arth of The POPS Performing Arts and Cultural Center in Dunsmuir:

"Sally ... I got to peek through the front curtain to see the backs of the performers and row after row of rapt listeners. I was quite contented to wait for another classical performance at Pop's. It looked like a event anyone would want to attend. Sold Out!!!

Because of a variety of factors, I am happy to absorb the event "rental fee", which I paid to Victor after the event. My thanks to Luann and Victor and our little work gang for getting "the old girl" looking as good as she could for the concert. It was a group effort. Thanks again for giving us a try."   ~Peter

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