Thank you Amici Quartet! 

Dan Matthews & Vince Carlson
The north state based Amici Flute Quartet recently delighted a captive audience with its pure and polished sound. Having collaborated for just under a year, these masterful musicians excelled at blending close harmonies of meditative pastorals, upbeat carnival tunes, fugue pieces and an impressive torrent of scales as a grand finale. 

The entertaining repertoire included a mellow Bassoon, Flute and Clarinet performance of classical Beethoven followed by a toe-tapping bluesy trio in cut time making for a light moment in the program. 

Special guests included Dan Matthews on Bassoon
and Vince Carlson on Clarinet.

Music by the Mountain thanks the Mt Shasta Seventh Day Adventist Church for the generous lending of their venue for this June 10th concert. 

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